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 The larger more fascinating task involved restoration of the interior as a living museum. Room-by-room extensive and expensive renovation was required.

Kitchen –The original wall was replaced dividing the room into a historic and a functional kitchen. The old fireplace and beehive oven and pot warmer were fully restored. Modern flooring was removed and the modern picture window replaced with two windows.

 Dining Room – The dining room, called the “south parlor,” needed less work. The wainscoting was removed and the well-preserved fireplace refinished. A picture window was replaced with two windows, matching those in the living room. This room is often used for refresh­ments at small social events sponsored by the Trust.

 Living Room – Modern paneling has been removed and the wall has been replaced that once divided the room and supported the beams of the floor above. The walls and ceiling have been replastered and all new trim handmade to match original which was found or documented has been installed. New doors were milled and installed.

 “Office” – When paneling was removed a border of silhouettes painted by Bus McGinity depicting the life of George Washington were discovered which were part of the house’s Colonial Club days. These were preserved by DVD before renovation. The original small room has been restored and furnished as an office befitting a flourishing mill owner. A desk displays Kingsland family letters and papers related to the mill operations. Other Kingsland memorabilia is housed in glass cabinets. This room provides access to the ballroom.

 Ballroom – The ballroom was added during the Victorian period, circa 1860.  A modern bar, false ceiling beams, ceiling and wall paneling were removed during restora­tion. More silhouettes were uncovered when the paneling was removed and also recorded before renovation. New mill trim was installed. The original plaster walls and ceiling have been restored. The modern fireplace has been replaced with a plaster version of the original and a marble mantel added. The room is furnished in the Victorian style and contains a working Mason & Hamlin Organ circa 1904 and a square grand piano. A modern replica of a gaslight chandelier was installed. Rosewood ballroom side chairs and marble topped side tables circa 1900 complete the room furnishings. The ballroom is used for social and business events and small musical concerts sponsored by the Trust and other civic organizations.

 Upstairs – The modern bathrooms and closet were removed and the space restored to its original use - a children’s bedroom. The north bedroom is an exhibit room containing Kingsland family artifacts including numerous photographs and family bibles. The south bedroom has been furnished in the Victorian style. The fireplaces were rebuilt, woodwork and doors have been replaced, and all woodwork painted. There were originally only three dormers. One dormer was moved, and an unsuitable one added. The latter has been removed and the others moved back as originally built.

 Basement – Whatever can be done to prove and support the legends is up to the committee probing history. What they find, however, will be restored around what is left of the speakeasy days. The two epochs will coexist in restoration.

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 Clearly, the restoration of the Kingsland Manor was an enormous task and our work is not done. Continued restoration work and maintenance of this living museum is needed. Join the Trust. Members volunteering their time to make this dream a reality are needed. The original 25 members have grown to over 100 and there is still much to be done by many more!

 Visitors, neighbors and interested persons who can offer gifts of knowledge, time and energy or those who can contribute materials and furnishings and others who can make donations of money continue to be the mainstay of the Trust. We would like all interested persons to join our organization.


 All monetary donations, of course, will be accepted, but to aid in the continued restoration and maintenance of the Manor, The Friends of Kingsland Manor program has been established. Those wishing to become an associate of the Manor may make donations according to the following schedule:

A special honored Board of Governors will be composed of those persons gracious enough to donate $10,000 or more. Enroll as a member.

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