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Lulu Hartman Collection

Bernard Charles 'Bus' McGinnity was a larger than life character who left his mark on the place – primarily with the remnants of a Speakeasy! In 1927, Bus opened a speakeasy in the basement of the Manor under the Ballroom. In 1928, Bus married Lulu Hartman, a beauty queen from Long Island. Together they had a daughter, Lorraine Beverly, who was born that same year.

The family ran the speakeasy there until 1933, when Prohibition was repealed and moved his liquor establishment into the ballroom getting a “Club” license from the State of New Jersey. He called his club “The Colonial Club” and decorated the walls of the ballroom with silhouettes of colonial figures. Over the fireplace he painted a large picture of President George Washington. Unfortunately, Bus met a tragic end on December 22, 1936, when his body was discovered at a nearby barn by a Clifton Police Officer.

Bus McGinnity and Lulu Hartman, John Demmer collection

Roaring 20's Artifacts of Lulu Harman aka Mrs. Bus McGinnity

In June 2015, Lorraine McGinnity Darney donated Lulu Harman artifacts to the Kingsland Manor. Lorraine is the daughter of Lulu and Bus McGinnity. She gave us beaded purses, a cigarette case, a handkerchief, an apron, a scarf and a compact which all date to the Roaring Twenties. These items are all displayed in a curio case in the Office. Lorraine, along with her family, visited the Kingsland Manor in March 2017.

Lorraine McGinnity Darney and Family Visit Kingsland Manor, Nutley NJ

 Picture of Bernard Charles McGinnity and Lulu Hartman courtesy of John Demmer. Additional photos Leon Kish.

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