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Summer Kitchen Tools

Our Summer Kitchen holds several tools that were used during the 18th and 19th century. The items listed were donations and purchases made to add to the authenticity of our kitchen and provide historic reality to the rigors of open-hearth cooking.

Cabbage slicer, summer kitchen artifact

Prior to stove top cooking, open-hearth cooking was the method used to prepare foods. Hot coals were spread onto a stone floor and pots were placed over the coals on trivets. Our trivet was purchased in 1976 by one of the Trust’s founding members, Irwin Brill. Here is a description of the item taken when the trivet was accepted by the Manor: 18thcentury trivet; iron; 2 legs (under the pot stand) 1 leg 5” (at the end of the trivet); moveable arm holds spoon; 21” long overall.

We have a beehive oven in our summer kitchen so named because it resembles a bee’s hive from the outside of the summer kitchen. It functioned as a brick oven would today. Hot coals were placed in the oven and left until the base of bricks in the oven warmed to the temperature needed to bake breads, cakes, pies, cookies, etc. Then the coals were swept from the oven and the items were placed with those needing the most baking time toward the back of the oven. A paddle, like a pizza paddle was used to do this. Our paddle was donated to us in August of 1977 by Mr. and Mrs. John Griffith. John’s son runs the Griffith Shade Company in Nutley established in 1950. He also donated a butter mold at that time. Butter was churned in the kitchen and when ready was placed into a mold giving the butter form and a decorative impression.

We also have a cabbage shredder donated to us by Miss Josephine Schrimpe of Annapolis, MD in June of 1987. The purpose of this item is evident in the name. The item is described as: an ingenious design – 17-1/4” x 6” wooden form with 2 metal blades made adjustable for desired thickness by means of 2 slender bolts and wingnuts. Pressed into the back of board; 626 T and D Mfg. Co., Indianapolis, Made in USA.

Trivet, cooking utensil in Summer Kitchen Summer kitchen, butter mold, paddle

Patchwork Quilt
Donated by Mrs. Russell Eichinger

In December 1975 we received a donation from Mrs. Russell Eichinger of a patchwork quilt. Mr. and Mrs. Eichinger lived on Rutgers Place in Nutley.

The description that was written when the patchwork quilt was accepted by the Historic Restoration Trust was: 66” x 81”; red and white patchwork – geometric design; white backing.

This strikingly attractive quilt is currently in the Master Bedroom

Patchwork quilt on display at Kingsland Manor

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