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Pictures and a Unique Oil Lamp

Donated by Mr. Warren Milliken

In September 1978 we received a donation from Mr. Warren Milliken of Bloomfield, NJ, of 3 pictures and an oil lamp. If anyone remembers Warren, please let us know. The items he donated are all incredibly unique, especially the frame around the picture of George Washington and the ornate oil lamp.

The description that was written when it accepted by the Historic Restoration Trust was: 3 pictures.

courtship of Miles Standish, Kingsland Manor, Nutley NJ

First picture: 47-1/2” x 37-1/2”; Colonial Dutch couple; lady spinning flax; oak frame with gold beading. The description on this picture has: “The Courtship of Miles Standish. Why don’t you speak for yourself, John?”

George Washington, Marquis de Lafayette, Mt Vernon, Kingsland Manor NJ

Second picture: 37-1/2” x 29-1/2”; Washington on porch at Mount Vernon; white and gold frame with double beading. This picture has the description: “Home of Washington from original printed by T.P. Rossiter and L.R. Mignot”

An engraving of George Washington, his family, and the Marquis de Lafayette on the front porch of Mount Vernon. Washington and Lafayette stand talking together; Lafayette holds a copy of the Pennsylvania Gazette. At a nearby table, Martha Washington sits with her daughter-in-law Eleanor Calvert Stuart (formerly Mrs. John Parke Custis). Mrs. Stuart’s daughter, Eleanor Parke Custis, rests her head on Martha Washington’s lap. Mrs. Stuart’s son, George Washington Parke Custis, plays on the lawn next to an African American woman. The head of George Washington is based on a bust by Jean Antoine Houdon.

Both pictures are displayed in our Ballroom.

Winged Greek Figure, Kingsland Manor, Nutley NJ

Third picture: round, gold frame; picture 17” diameter; 23” overall; winged Greek figure.

This picture is occasionally displayed in the North Parlor.

Ornate Oil Lamp, Kingsland Manor, Nutley NJ


There was no description given for the oil lamp. It is a very ornate floor lamp made of cast brass with silver and gold plating. The plating has nearly all worn off but still allows you to appreciate how incredible it must have looked when new. It stands over 6’ tall with the glass chimney.

This ornate oil lamp is in our Ballroom.

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